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This room is meant to help the infant transition into preschool. Greetings, circletime, art projects, songs, storytime, free movement to music and freeplay are all geared for the toddler. Here they begin to recognize and verbalize their needs. As well as memorize songs, begin counting, and problem solve with oversized puzzles just right for their little hands. Daily repetition and consistency of activities helps reinforce their learning process and feeling of security. Out door exploration twice a day includes treks out to visit the fish pond and garden, or just to have an exciting hayride, sleigh ride, or a fun day with waterplay; depending on the weather. Daily individualized notes outline child’s activity during the day, this includes how well they ate, napped, and any special activity or interaction amongst others.

We provide:

  • Morning and Afternoon Snacks
  • Wipes, crib sheets, blankets, burp rags, silverware, bowls, plates, cups, bibs, snack food, apple juice and whole milk.

You will want to send along:

  • Diapers, Baby food / formula, and comfort items such as blankie and pacifiers.
  • Diaper creams are considered a medication; we request that you fill out a medical release form stating permission for our staff members to apply it. The same is true for sunscreens and other medications.

Staff members receive yearly testing of CPR and FIRST AID training, which is paid for by Little Folk's Corner Inc.

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