Our summer program is a relaxed yet organized schedule. The children who have been here during the previous school year stay familiar with the daily routine. For the new students it is a time to become familiar with the school and meet new friends before the regular school year begins. Not all our summer attendees stay with us for the school year because those that don't usually return to their regular elementary school in the fall.

Each week of the summer we have a new unit or theme that we explore through art, science, and discussion. We take plenty of time to enjoy the fresh summer air, and take advantage of the warm temperature. Water play through slip n' slide, sprinklers, and other organized water games are a must. On particularly hot days we take in the shade and play in the huge sand box away from the suns rays. Every year Mr. Beck organizes the garden and the garden duties, planting and tending to the garden allows us to get a direct return on the fruits of our labor. Pumpkins in the fall make every Halloween special, especially if you grew it! Since the summer allows family vacations we always have a variation in numbers from day to day. Because of this you only pay for the days your child is here. We preschedule it accordingly to your personal calendars at home. Often times we have returning students for the summer who bring their older siblings to join in. We try to incorporate something of interest for every age.

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