All photographs were taken at Little Folks Corner

Yellow Class: ages 2 1/2 years
Blue Class: age 3 years
Green Class: age 4years

Our Preschool is a developmental based program. Each classroom has weekly themes / units that is the basis of topic and exploration. Each day starts out with drop off times from 7:30- 9:00 a.m., where free play is a large part of learning. By 9:00 a.m. Most if not all of the students have arrived and have settled into the school; now the day can begin with circle time or group time. The daily repetition of this time encourages confidence building by learning to show and share with others, to verbalize ideas and develop critical thinking and social skills. Circle time includes identifying the weather, month, day, reading books, and identifying friends that are in class. The units or themes help guide the songs they will be learning and the art projects they will create. Each day small and large motor and cognitive skills are exercised through various art, science projects and organized / free play. Everyday the class transition into another room, this not only gives them variation in surroundings but prepares them in knowing how to transition for when they go to elementary school. Each day the teachers send home daily newsletters which can include individualized notes pertaining to your child’s day. Once a year, after winter break each child has a very in-depth progress report. This is not a test. It is simply a tool for which the parents can review their children’s progress since the beginning of the year. This report measures the cognitive, emotional, social, large and small motor skills accordingly to the child’s age group. Children at Little Folk's Corner are not required to be toilet trained before moving up to the next class. We encourage them at different times of the day to visit the restroom, but also will continue to change them as needed. Little Folk's Corner teachers and children love to have fun! Between the special events, hayrides, sleigh rides, sledding, water play, seasonal parties and 4 acres to explore and play any child can not resist the playground. Out door activity is encouraged twice daily. Nap time is from 1-3p.m., depending on the age of the child and their normal routine at home. Not all children are expected to nap. After nap is story time, snack, and outdoor play until parents arrive for pick up at 5:30.

Summer Art
Art Show
Turkey for Thanksgiving