Infants Picture Easter Time at Little Folks Corner

We provide a warm and loving environment for your child to grow. We care for babies 6 weeks old to 1 year in this class. When an infant is walking (around 1 yr. of age) they can move up to our toddler class. Babies are held, fed when needed and diaper changed every 2 hours. Mothers that are breast feeding can come in during the day to feed their baby. Our infant program has two rooms. One room is for napping with individual cribs and bedding. The other is for play and interaction. Babies are encouraged to develop at their level and are given the appropriate toys to gain skills. Our staff has experience working with infants and love what they are doing. The babies also enjoy playing and looking at other babies. We have a wonderful fenced in area for the babies to play outside or go for a stroller ride on warm days. Throughout the duration of the day, the care givers fill out a daily report regarding your child’s day. This includes; how long or how many times they nap, what they eat, diaper changing times, along with any special activities that might have occurred during the day. Full or part time days are available.

We provide:

  • Wipes, crib sheets, blankets, burp rags, silverware, bowls, plates, cups, bibs, and finger foods.

You will want to send along:

  • Diapers, Baby food / formula, and comfort items such as blankie and pacifiers.
  • Diaper creams are considered a medication; we request that you fill out a medical release form stating permission for our staff members to apply it.
  • The same is true for sunscreens and other medications.

Staff members receive yearly testing of CPR and FIRST AID training which is paid for by Little Folk's Corner Inc.