To meet the requirements for the State of Michigan, we need to have on file:

  • a signed child placement contract.
  • an up to date green health form signed in all required places by your child's Doctor.
  • a child information card (this is a standard white form.)

To meet our requirements, we need to have on file:

  • a signed and dated school year application for the current year.
  • an application fee.
  • up to date emergency numbers, and current contact numbers.

Every month we will be sending a billing for the following month's tuition. We will always staple the previous months receipt to the new bill, please note, the tax I.D. #. All we need in return is the check inside the manila envelope in which you received your bill. Do not send back the billing statement since this is your copy to keep. On this copy you will be able to see what days you are being charged for.

Drops off and Pickups
Drop off and pick ups work best at the Pratt Road entrance where there is the half circle drive way, and additional parking on the gravel area along the fence. If you need help getting your children safely to your vehicle, please do not hesitate to ask.

Absent for a day
If your child is going to be absent please give us a call as soon as possible to let us know. Often times teachers delay special projects in anticipation for a full class. There is no tuition decrease if your child is absent and days cannot be traded.

Medications (Label everything with name)
Please fill out a medical release form allowing any member of the staff to administer the medications as requested by parent/guardian. These forms can be found in the office. Please feel free to ask. Medication needs to be stored in the office.

Extra clothes (Label everything with name)
Accidents happen from time to time. It is always helpful to have extra clean dry clothes to change into, (this should include: underwear, socks, pants, shirt,) these can be stored on your child's personal shelf.

Show and Tell or Show and Share (Label everything with name)
Each teacher has their own instruction for it, please ask them which days are appropriate to bring in these items. Try to discourage any valuable or sentimental items that could be damaged or lost. The school cannot be responsible for these treasures.

Birthday Parties
We encourage celebrations, especially of one's birth! If you wish to bring in treats for your child, please keep them appropriate for your child's age and size. We suggest small cupcakes, fruits, vegetables, cookies, and finger jello. Please no small toppings that could easily get caught in the throat. Other alternative items could be special napkins, plates, cups, and take home bags filled with age appropriate treats. Special games, and activities organized by parents are always a treat, please consult your child’s teacher with ideas. Clowns, Magicians, and Animal demonstrations are welcomed; however we ask that you organize activities with teachers and directors, for appropriate times and days.