Mission Statement
To provide a secure, warm, loving, enriched environment in a unique setting in which children have fun, while learning and growing.


All learning based programs, where all activities take place on location.

Experienced and certified teachers with small class sizes divided by age.

Hands on science activities, including gardening, insects, hiking, and weather, are enhanced out in our adventure fields.

Daily individualized reports.



Infants 6 weeks old through kindergarten. Full or half day programs available for all. Air conditioned spacious rooms.

Residential setting on 4 acres, minutes away from downtown Ann Arbor and Dexter.

Separate play grounds that are equipped with age appropriate toys and jungle gyms.

Older children's play yard has a 600 ft. Big wheel track, and hills for winter sledding, or summer water slides.

Annual Progress reports that help measure child’s development social, emotional, cognitive, and small and large motor skills.


Doors open 7:30am to 5:30pm

Take I-94 get off on Zeeb Rd. Ext. #169
go North onto Zeeb (towards the MacDonald’s)
and take 2nd right turn onto Pratt.

                                   Located on the corner of Dexter and Pratt roads. Please enter school on Pratt.

A Brief History
Little Folk's Corner has been a Dexter Road landmark since 1965; the little white playhouse next to the big house on the corner of Dexter and Pratt. That little white playhouse is actually a storage unit for the diverse seasonal toys. Every year since, Caryn Beck (the founder of Little Folk's Corner) and her husband have either added to or upgraded the playgrounds and school in keeping with the times. Little Folk's Corner has enjoyed being a part of the Ann Arbor / Dexter communities history. It isn't hard to find a friend or neighbor who has had family members or themselves begin their social and educational skills at Little Folk's Corner. Caryn Beck is the Director and Owner of the school. Her college training was done at Muskegon Community College, the University of Michigan and Eastern Michigan University. She has received a Bachelor of Science degree in Early Elementary Education with a major in Art and Music and a minor in Social Science. Her teaching career in the world of preschoolers began officially in 1960 at a church sponsored orphanage on an American Indian Reservation. Her next teaching assignment was in a city's downtown area where she taught in a preschool for low-income families. When she moved to the Ann Arbor area, her third teaching experience was at a Montessori school. These diversified teaching experiences and others helped her to create Little Folk's Corner.